Abode Home:
Our Story

Heartfelt Ownership, Unparalleled Customer Care, and Sustainable Choices

Abode Home ICT Team of Employee Owners

The Soul of Our Business: A Vision of Family

When Bill Jackson founded Furniture Options in 1985, he did more than set up a company. He breathed life into our community, a circle of trust and mutual respect that we refer to as family. Bill never saw you as mere customers, and neither do we. When Bill decided to retire, he gifted us—every employee—a piece of this dream through a 100% Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). It’s a gift we hold dear, fueling our commitment to you every single day.

We Are the Community

Bill didn’t just change our lives; he transformed our community. His vision brought to life Wichita’s Douglas Design District, a beacon of culture and community spirit. His ethos of caring extends far beyond the walls of our office, indulging our entire community with vibrancy and life. His love for our city is what makes us who we are today.

Bill Jackson, Founder of Furniture Options
Bill Jackson

The Heartbeat of Our Family: Barney, Brent and Brendan

Taking Bill’s dream forward, Barney Lehnherr served as the emotional glue that bound us. Think of him as the wise uncle who knows when to lend an ear and when to offer sage advice. Barney’s enormous amounts of love, understanding, and unconditional support shaped us into a tightly-knit family. Brent Dorrah, our current president, began his journey with us as a delivery driver. He knows each crevice of this business as if it was his own. Our VP of Furniture Options is Brendan Hogan. Brendan’s father-in-law is a dear friend of Barney’s. Brendan got the call from his father-in-law, that Barney was looking for someone to handle inventory control, Barney hired him the next day! Climbing the ranks with constant dedication, Brendan’s operational insights have been instrumental in shaping who we are today.

For Barney, Brent & Brendan, this isn’t just about work. It’s about helping us grow in all aspects of life—because when one of us succeeds, we all do.

Pictured from left to right: Barney, Brent & Brendan

Barney Lehnherr, Brent Dorrah, Brendan Hogan

Abode Home is Born

Brent and Brendan looked at the furniture industry’s flaws—its unsustainable practices and its financial toll on customers like you. And so, Abode Home was born as a tribute to what we stand for: sustainability, affordability, and most importantly, service. At Abode not only can you purchase furniture, you can rent it, or take advantage of our flexible ownership. If you like a piece you can try it out and rent it for a few months. If you love it, every payment you have made will go towards the purchase of your piece of furniture, just extend your rental agreement and continue paying it off. If you only want it for a few season, no big deal. If you love it at first site you can purchase it that day.

Your Satisfaction is What Drives Us

At Abode Home, you’re not just another customer—you’re part of the family. And like any good family, we have our quirky characters. Take Mark, our Warehouse Manager, he has been here so long, we’re pretty sure he taught the first chair how to be a chair. Mark has seen more furniture come and go than the sun has seen days. Encounter a coffee stain or a loose screw? Don’t worry, Mark—has got you covered. He won’t rest until your furniture is as flawless as his endless collection of soccer stories.

Sustainability and Furniture, They are NOT Mutually Exclusive!

We believe furniture can be sustainable, and Abode is on a mission to make a difference. Wish to return your furniture? We’ll pick it up, no questions asked. But our responsibility doesn’t end there. Each piece gets a second chance, either through rigorous refurbishing or by gracing another home, because we believe a circular economy. The furniture we sell is more than just product, it is our commitment to the community to help you fulfill your dream home and to make the world a better place.

A Covenant with You

More than just a business, Abode Home is our pledge to you and to the planet. It’s a promise to put you first, to offer sustainable choices, and to walk hand-in-hand with you as we carve out a better world for us all.

Welcome to our ever-growing family. Here, we don’t just offer you furniture; we offer you a home, a community, and a commitment to care that lasts a lifetime.

With warmth and sincerity,

The Abode Home Family