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Delivery Questions [Toggle All]

  • Delivery and installation are a flat fee of $100.00, pick-up is included in the delivery fee. When you order your furnishings, your initial payment will have the delivery fee included.

  • When your delivery date is confirmed, our Employee Owners will arrive on the date. We will call you when we are on our way to your home. If you would like for us to do a contactless delivery, please leave the home and let us know how we may enter to deliver your furnishings. Please ensure pets remain in a kennel, in a room not being furnished by our team, or out of the home throughout the delivery process.

  • Your furnishings can typically be delivered to locations in our local area within 48 business hours of placing your order.

  • The best way to prepare for your furniture delivery from our Employee Owners is to clear the space you want the furnishings to go. Clearing out tripping hazards or other obstacles in the way to the location for your furnishings is also an important part of preparing for your delivery. Please leave all pets in a kennel or separate room throughout the delivery process, as well.

  • While tips are always appreciated, our delivery teams are full-time Employee Owners and tipping is not necessary.

Furniture Questions [Toggle All]

  • Abode Home furniture includes new and premium used furniture. While we can’t guarantee that every piece is new, all furniture goes through a rigorous cleaning process designed to keep the furniture up to showroom quality. Any furnishings that do not meet our standards are removed from circulation. If you receive furnishings that do not meet your standards, our 7-day satisfaction guarantee allows you to switch your pieces out for another at no cost within the first week of your rental.

  • Rental furniture is one of the most sustainable furnishing methods. By using our meticulously cleaned and sanitized furniture, you are helping keep the furniture out of landfills and out of our collective carbon footprint.

  • Please feel free to use the furnishings as you normally would. Lounge, relax and enjoy! Normal wear and tear are perfectly acceptable and expected, however, anything above normal wear and tear such as excessive soiling, pet hair or malicious damage may result in cleaning or replacement fees.

  • Sorry, but we won’t remove your old furniture. There are several charities in your area where you may donate your old furnishings! Our local teams can help connect you with a donation location.

General Questions [Toggle All]

  • Abode Home is a furnishing service designed to provide customers a more flexible rental option for their furniture needs through individual rentals and graduated monthly payments to maximize budgets for long-term customers.

    Monthly payments go towards the retail price. Customers can decide to purchase their furniture at any point during their rental period. Abode Home will simply subtract all previous payments from the retail price to determine the purchase price. Customers also have the option to continue to rent until they reach the retail price of an item to reach ownership.

    In English: We provide furnishings in an innovative way that maximizes flexibility and affordability.

  • Renting home furnishings offers more flexibility than ever before! Customers receive the furnishings they select for the length of time they need. Monthly payments make sticking to your budget a breeze and Abode Home customers will never pay more than retail price so they can feel safe they are getting the best value.

    Plus, customers can purchase their furnishings at any point during their rental, so when you fall in love with your Abode Home furnishing, you can keep it!

  • It’s easy! Just select an item, select a term, and select your desired delivery date. Make your initial payment then we will confirm everything with you and deliver your furniture.

Ordering Questions [Toggle All]

  • You can rent as few or as many pieces that you would like, as long as you meet our minimum monthly rental amount of $99.

  • Yes! When you rent from Abode Home, you will choose your furnishings and your rental length from the provided term options. Rent with no monthly commitment or for more than 12 months! Remember, you will never pay more than retail for your furnishings, so if your rental would reach retail price, you keep the furniture and payments stop!

  • Our minimum monthly rental amount is $99, and there is no minimum rental length. You may keep your furniture for less than your rental length, though we do ask that you pay the remaining balance of your rental at the rate of your actual rental length.

    Here’s an example:

    Let’s say you signed up for an 8-month rental and need to cancel at the end of your 6th month. Your final payment would be the difference of the cost of a 6-month rental and what you have paid.

    • What you would have paid in a 6-month rental: 6 X $124 = $744.
    • What you’ve actually paid so far in your 8-month rental: 6 X $109 = $654.
    • End of rental invoice = $744 minus $654 = $90.
  • The term of your rental starts on the delivery date. During the checkout process, you will request a delivery date and our local team will confirm with you the availability of that date.

  • Your initial payment is due at the time the order is placed. Your monthly payments will be due on the same date each month until your rental ends.

Cancellations and End of Term [Toggle All]

  • No problem! We understand situations change. Just contact us and we can verify the details of your final payment. Your End of Rental payment will equal the amount you would have paid for a rental of your furnishings for the length of time you have used it for, minus the amount you have actually paid on your rental. Here’s an example:

    Let’s say you signed up for an 8-month rental and need to cancel at the end of your 6th month. Your final payment would be the difference of the cost of 6-month rental and what you have paid.

    • What you would have paid in a 6-month rental: 6 X $124 = $744.
    • What you’ve actually paid so far in your 8-month rental: 6 X $109 = $654.
    • End of rental invoice = $744 minus $654 = $90.
  • You have several options when the end of your rental term arrives.

    • If your payments have reached the retail price of your furnishings, you may keep your furniture without needing to do anything! Our team will be in touch to let you know if you have reached the retail price.
    • If your payments have not reached the retail price and you want to keep your furnishings, you may pay the difference between your total payment amount and the retail price to purchase your rental furniture!
    • If your rental is drawing to an end and you don’t need to keep your furnishings, please give us a 7-day notice to allow us time to pick up your furnishings. After we retrieve the rental furniture, your rental will end.
    • If you want to continue your rental, you may keep your furniture and select another rental term.
    • If you reach the end of your rental term and your life’s been too busy to notify us with your decision, don’t worry, your rental will continue month to month at the original term rate. Your payments will stack between rentals, so if your payment for these furnishings reaches the retail price of the furniture, your payments will cease and you may keep the furnishings.
  • Yes, there are several ways to purchase furnishings! If you see a piece you would like to purchase from us, you may do sin lieu of choosing a rental term.

    If you would like to try the furnishings out before purchasing, you may sign up for a rental term and purchase your furnishings at the end of the rental. If your desired furnishing does not meet your needs, we will pick up your furnishings at the end of your rental for no extra charge.

    The price you pay to purchase your furniture is equal to the retail price of your desired furnishings minus any payments you’ve already paid for a rental on that piece. You never pay more than retail!

Order Changes [Toggle All]

  • Please contact your Abode Home team prior to moving. If you need to move within our service area, we can help with the move! When you contact us about your move, let us know if you need assistance moving your rental furnishings. Our delivery team is available to help you move the items you have rented from Abode Home and move/transfer fee may apply. If you choose to move without our help, you will be liable for any damage to your rental furniture.

    If you are moving outside of our normal service area, please give us a 7-day notice to retrieve the rental furnishings. You may also choose to purchase your furniture at their retail price minus your previous payments.

  • Yes! Your satisfaction is our top priority. That’s why we offer a 7-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your furnishings within the first week of your rental, you may switch them out for something else at no cost.

    You may add, remove or switch out furnishings from your rental at any time. Your monthly payments will increase with additions and a switch out fee may be applicable to trade out your furnishings after the first week. Removing a furnishing from your rental will reduce your monthly payments no lower than our minimum monthly payment. Your payments will still count towards the retail price of the furnishings.

Don’t see the answer to your question? Feel free to contact your local representative. We’re always happy to help!