Sustainable Living:
Embracing a Greener Lifestyle

GROW in Wichita, KS embracing furniture rental sustainability.

At Abode Home, there’s this beautiful belief that the way we furnish our spaces is ripe for transformation, with a heart deeply rooted in sustainability. The world is waking up, becoming more mindful of the environmental footprints left behind, and it’s crucial to lean into sustainable alternatives. Enter the enchanting world of renting furniture, a choice that’s not just about style and convenience, but also about making conscious decisions for our planet. This piece is an invitation to explore the sustainable charm of furniture rental and to understand how it plays a pivotal role in the circular economy. Learn more, as we unfold the advantages, the environmental perks, and the rising trend of green practices within the furniture industry.

Challenging the Fast Furniture Phenomenon

The furniture industry has seen a shift, much like the fast fashion world, where disposable, inexpensive furniture has become the norm, leading to an overwhelming amount of waste. The Environmental Protection Agency sheds light on this, revealing that in 2018, over 12 million tons of furniture were discarded. This culture of ‘fast furniture’ pushes us to constantly update our spaces, resulting in a cycle of consumption and disposal that depletes our resources and harms our environment.

Furniture filling landfills

Embracing a Circular Economy

In response to the fast furniture crisis, the furniture industry is embracing the circular economy, a model that aims to minimize waste and maximize the use of products through recycling, reusing, and repurposing. Furniture rental is a perfect fit for this sustainable model, allowing for the continuous use of quality furniture without the need for constant purchasing and disposal.

The Benefits of Renting Furniture

  1. Minimizing Waste: Choosing to rent furniture means actively choosing to minimize waste. Instead of the buy-and-discard cycle, rented furniture gets a second life, extending its lifespan and significantly reducing landfill waste. By choosing furniture rental, you’re saying no to the 12 million tons of furniture waste generated annually.
  1. Conserving Natural Resources: The production of furniture demands vast amounts of natural resources. By choosing to rent, you’re reducing the demand for these resources, helping to preserve our forests and minimize harmful practices like mining. Furniture rental also promotes the use of sustainable materials, contributing to a greener planet.
  1. Enhancing Energy Efficiency: The creation and distribution of furniture are energy-intensive processes. Furniture rental optimizes energy use by maximizing the utility of each furniture piece, reducing the need for constant manufacturing and transportation. This choice is a stride towards a more energy-efficient future.

The Green Impact of Furniture Rental

Embracing the principles of a circular economy, Abode and our sister company Furniture Options have been instrumental in keeping furniture in circulation, maximizing its lifespan, and minimizing waste. By offering high-quality furniture for rent, we’ve created a sustainable loop, ensuring that each piece of furniture is utilized to its fullest potential before being refurbished and rented out again. This approach not only reduces waste but also conserves natural resources as the demand for new furniture production decreases.

Furniture Options having been in the business since 1985, and with an extensive network spanning across 7 states, has undoubtedly contributed to optimizing energy usage in the furniture industry. By refurbishing and reusing furniture, they’ve reduced the need for energy-intensive manufacturing processes, contributing to a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions. With our long-standing presence in the market we’ve made a significant positive impact on energy efficiency and a reduced carbon footprint over the years.

The Delight of Choosing Sustainable Furniture

Renting furniture is not just an eco-conscious decision; it’s a lifestyle choice brimming with benefits. Envision the liberty to revamp your space on a whim, devoid of the troubles associated with buying and disposing of old pieces. Furniture rental empowers you to experiment with diverse styles, adapt to life’s changes, and curate a living space that’s a true reflection of your individuality.

At Abode, there’s a deep understanding of the importance of aligning your living space with your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences. That’s why a curated selection of top-notch, sustainable furniture from reputable brands is offered. From plush sofas to functional dining tables and chic accessories, the rental options are crafted to meet your needs while championing environmental stewardship.

Rental Chair from Abode Home

Embarking on Your Furniture Rental Journey

Embarking on your furniture rental journey is a breeze. Here’s a quick guide:

  1. Select Your Pieces: Peruse the online catalog and pick furniture that resonates with your style and requirements.
  1. Personalize Your Experience: Choose your rental duration and any additional services you might need.
  1. Relish Your Furniture: Once your order is confirmed, relax as the logistics are handled, ensuring a smooth delivery and setup, many times within 48 hours!
  1. Enjoy Flexibility and Convenience: Need a change or an extension? The flexibility is yours. The goal is to make your furniture rental experience as seamless as possible.
  1. Embrace Sustainability: At the end of your term, opt to return or purchase the furniture and never pay more than the original retail price, continuing your journey of sustainable living.

Be a Part of the Sustainable Furniture Revolution

By choosing furniture rental, you become an integral part of the sustainable furniture revolution, contributing to a greener future. Discover the joy of eco-friendly living with Abode Home, and let’s collectively create spaces that are a testament to our commitment to the planet.

Abode Home takes pride in leading the charge towards sustainable living, offering eco-friendly alternatives that resonate with your values. The extensive range of rental furniture ensures that creating a sustainable and stylish home is not just possible, but also effortless. Join the movement towards a positive environmental impact with sustainable furniture rental from Abode Home.

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